The effects of having a learning disability are life long and will raise many issues and challenges which start long before adulthood.


A learning disability will affect the way a person understands information and how they communicate. Here at North Somerset People First, we aim to offer person-centred services and support, empowering people to speak up for themselves and lead a full and inclusive life within their communities.

Fundraising and donations are vital if we are to continue to deliver all our services. Every hourly session of 1:1 advocacy with a trained advocate, or support for a victim of a Hate Crime, costs £35. To facilitate a person-centred plan will cost £750.

You can support us in so many ways:

  • Fundraising events – Quiz nights, music evenings, card/craft sales, tea and cake with friends, pamper evenings, book sales, wine tasting, auctions, raffles, games night, bake off
  • Sponsored events – Fun run, sports tournament, pancake race, walking swimming, dance-athon, classroom silences
  • Celebration giving – If you are marking a special day or anniversary you may like to donate in lieu of gifts
  • Corporate Giving – Are you a business that can support us as your charity of the year, organise a fundraising event, donate a service, auction or raffle prizes?

Whether it’s gentle, energetic, quirky, sporty or social, HAVE FUN, SMILE, AND PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK. You are inspiring others to support NSPF because donations large and small will make a difference.

We can support your fundraising activity with sponsorship forms, event posters and promoting your activity on our website and social media. Just ask us for details!



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