Our Advisory Committee

North Somerset People First Advisory Committee is made up of a group of people with a Learning disability. They are responsible for finding out what services there are in North Somerset, and if they meet the needs and expectations of their peers. The Advisory Committee are elected at our AGM each year, by our members.

It is a group of people who meet every 3 months, where they advise and inform our trustees what is important to our members.

Being on a Committee involves:
1. Recommending projects to the trustees
2. Fundraising and organising events
3. Attending meetings
4. Talking about self-advocacy and problems that people with a learning disability have to deal with.
5. You will help to influence, design and develop local services.

A good advisory committee member is someone who prepares for and attends our meetings regularly, someone who is reliable but also lets us know if they are unable to make certain meetings. It is important to behave in an appropriate way so the reputation of NSPF is not damaged. Being able to listen to and respect other people’s opinions, along with keeping personal information confidential, is also important. However, NSPF is all about speaking up, so do not be afraid to ask questions, and commit yourself to self-advocacy so you can speak up on behalf of other people with a learning disability.


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