North Somerset Learning Disabilities Showcase Event

11 Jan 2016

On Monday 11th January 2016, North Somerset People First attended the Learning Disabilities Showcase Event at Locking Castle Church. North Somerset People First were invited along with other organisations to present a stand at this event, ours included information on SafePlaces, Hate Crime and Keep Safe Be Happy Training.


The Showcase Event was opened at 10:30 by the Councillor Charles Cave, chairman of the council. He was very welcoming and pleased to have been able to attend an event which supported such a large group of people. He took the time to look round every stand including North Somerset People First; he was praising, understanding and interested as well as kind enough to have his photo with our team.


Showcase Event Speeches

During the North Somerset Learning Disability Showcase Event we heard speeches from different organisations and charities. North Somerset People First opened the day with their speech concerning “Real Life Experiences/Paid Employment”, Katherine Stribling our communications and engagement officer, along with Robyn Yeoman’s and Leanne informed the audience how people with a learning disability can still enjoy employment and be a part of a work force.

North Somerset People First also presented a speech on “Keep Safe Be Happy Training and SafePlaces”. Mark Bowden and Andrew spoke about different things that could harm or hurt you and how we can stop these things from happening. As well as the training programme we offer which will give people the opportunity to take part in open discussions about sensitive subjects in a safe place whilst being fully supported by experienced staff. They also explained what SafePlaces is and how it works.


The Day also consisted of informative speeches regarding Personal Budgets, North Somerset BASS Autism Specialist Service and Tunstall about Assistive Technology.


Showcase Event Sportarray

During the North Somerset Learning Disability Showcase Event Sportarray were invited along to carry out different sporting activities in the back hall of which anyone could take part in. This consisted of:






The also provided a pool table for anybody who fancied a game of pool and well as complimentary tea, coffee, squash and cake.

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