Autumn Scavenger Hunt: 30 Things

Event Date: 19 November 2021

Autumn Scavenger Hunt: 30 Things

As many of you know, earlier this year North Somerset People First turned 30.
To continue with our 30th Birthday celebrations, we have an exciting Scavenger Hunt for you to complete.  There are a total of 30 fun Autumn challenges!
  • These 30 challenges should get you out exploring, making things and having fun.
  • Be imaginative with your answers!
  • You don’t have to complete them all, but the more you complete the more points you get.
  • You will be awarded 10 points for each challenge.  So a maximum of 300 points.
  • There will be a Treat for the person who gets the highest score OR completes all 30 challenges the fastest!
  • Tick off the challenges as you go and take photos as evidence.
  • Share your photos with us: Via Facebook or Twitter. You can also direct message us or send an Email or Text
  • You have a month to complete your scavenger hunt.
  • Entries to be in by Friday 19th November.
  • The winner(s) will be announced on Friday 26th November.
  • Any questions, please do ask.
Ready, Steady, Go….
Find the following Scavenger Items:

1. A group of Stars ⭐
2. Walk to a church or through a Graveyard ⛪
3. Painted faces 🧟‍♀️
4. Find a Bat 🦇
5. Fly a kite (or make one)🎏
6. Draw a Witch 🧙‍♀️
7. Make an Autumn Wreath or Halloween land art 🍂
8. Carve a Pumpkin 🎃
9. Look for a Full Moon 🌛
10. Black Cat 🐈
11. Sweets for Trick or Treat 🍬
12. Look for a crow 🐦
13. Wear a scary mask 😱
14. Find a beautiful Spiders Web 🕸
15. Toast Marshmallows 🍡
16. Find an Owl 🦉
17. Discover a Haunted House 🏠
18. Dress someone like a Mummy 🧻
19. Spooky bright lights or fireworks 🎇
20. Different coloured leaves 🍃 🍂
21. A skeleton or some bones 💀
22. Pretend to be a Ghost👻
23. Find a Vampire 🧛‍♂️
24. Use a Cauldron 👩‍🍳
25. Go for a walk in the woods or park 🌳 🌲
26. A lit-up Lantern 🏮
27. Collect conkers 🌰
28. Donate to a local Harvest Festival 🥫
29. Drink Hot Chocolate ☕
30. Watch an Autumn Sunset or Sunrise 🌇
Some of these challenges don’t have to be the real thing. For Example, you might have an Owl on an item around the home. Use your brilliant imaginations.
SAFETY: Make sure that you don’t go out alone at night and that someone always knows where you are. We need to be safe at all times.
Good Luck and have Fun!

Your North Somerset People First Team

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