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North Somerset People First have created a unique service called the ‘A Better Life’ service that offers support to people who need help to understand and manage their mental health and overall well-being.






Do you experience any of these symptoms?


             Feeling stressed

             Not feeling good about yourself

             Lacking confidence

             Feeling anxious

             Angry outbursts

             Problems with sleep

             Feeling overwhelmed

             Become upset easily






What do we offer?

The ‘A Better Life’ service offers a range of mental health and emotional well-being support to help adults age 16+ with a learning disability or autistic spectrum conditions understand and manage these symptoms. 

We ask that each member completes a referral form, to best allow us to make any adjustments that may be required. Please find the referral form here:

Our courses will be starting in October and continuing for the rest of the year. Please find the course calendar here:


We have a wide range of courses available, including:

Anxiety Management 

Our Anxiety Management course focuses on providing knowledge of anxiety to our members, as well as helping them to develop healthy coping strategies for anxiety using a variety of techniques such as breathing methods, mindfulness and progressive & autogenic muscle relaxation. The course focuses on the relationships between anxious thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and how we can address these aspects, as well as providing aid with other factors that may affect a member’s anxiety levels, such as lifestyle and self-care. We approach this course with many different learning styles, utilising games, worksheets, discussions and peer-support in order to appeal to as many members as possible. This is an 8-week course. 

Anger Management 

Our Anger Management course focuses on helping our members address their angry thoughts and feelings, and how to release their anger in healthy ways, such as via exercise or other techniques such as aromatherapy, visualisation and screaming boxes. The course uses a variety of relaxation and calming techniques, such as breathing to relax and grounding, in order to help members cope with their negative emotions. The course also delves into alternative methods of expressing themselves, such as learning how to be assertive, rather than aggressive. This is an 8-week course. 

Grief & Bereavement 

Our Grief & Bereavement course focuses on helping our members come to terms with loss. We focus on the different ways people grieve, and feelings that they may experience during the grieving process. Emphasis is placed on alleviating feelings of guilt, and techniques to help the members develop methods to help remember their lost ones, using techniques such as rituals and memory boxes. This is a 3-week course. 

Health & Wellbeing 

Our Health & Wellbeing course focuses on the promotion of healthy behaviours, both in the physical and mental sense. We focus on several aspects, such as healthy foods, what is in our foods, exercise, mental health, sleep, the dangers of alcohol and smoking. We also detail where to go when the members experience specific health issues, such as dentists and GPs, as well as informing them of their free annual health check-up, and reasonable adjustments that they can ask for. This is an 8-week course. 


Once combined with Sex & Consent to form Sex, Relationships and the Law, our Relationship course is focused on forming and breaking relationships; professional, platonic and romantic. It focuses on a variety of topics, such as how relationships progress and develop over time, where and how to meet new people, how to form relationships, maintaining romantic relationships, how to deal with rejection and ‘red flags’ to keep a look out for in order to spot abuse within relationships. This is a 6-week course. 

Sex & Consent 

Once combined with Relationships to form Sex, Relationships and the Law, our Sex & Consent course focuses on sex and the rights and responsibilities that go along with it. The course focuses on education regarding sexual intercourse, sexual touching, contraception and sexuality. It also details several aspects of consent, such as freedom and capacity, as boundaries, personal space and how to report sexual assault. This is a 4-week course. 


Our Self-Esteem course looks at self-image and confidence. The course focuses on challenging negative thoughts about ourselves and how to improve our self-image, using a variety of techniques such as focusing on character traits, how to take compliments, self-respect and self-acceptance. It also focuses on confidence by asking the participants to say one thing they like about themselves each week, culminating in a minute-long speech about themselves and their achievements. This is a 4-week course. 

Social Skills 

Our Social Skills course focuses on communication and social etiquette. The course looks at communication skills, types of communication body language, boundaries, personal space, assertiveness, conversation skills and topics and banter. It aims to improve the member’s communication skills and allow them to stand up for themselves without coming off as aggressive or being passive. This is a 6-week course. “

How to get support from us

If you feel you would like some support from our service, you will need to complete a referral form.  Here are some ways you can do this:

You can refer yourself or you can ask someone to make a referral on your behalf.  Anyone can make a referral on your behalf, this could be your family, friend, carer, doctor or social worker.


Ask someone to help you complete a referral form, you can download this by clicking the link below:

When you have completed this form, please email it to info@nspf.co.uk or send it to us in the post.  Our address is NSPF, The Campus, Highlands Lane, Weston super Mare, BS24 7DX.  If you do send the form by post, please write PRIVATE on the envelope above the address.


Call us and ask for us to send you a referral form in the post to complete.  (Once completed please send it back to us, to the address above).

TheA Better Life’ service is free for the residents of North Somerset from the ages 16+ with a learning disability or Autistic spectrum conditions.


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