What is an advocate?

where-you-liveAn advocate is someone who helps you to speak up for yourself. They can also speak up for you if you find it hard to do this yourself. You can speak to an advocate if you are not happy about something.

This could be on topics like:

  • You may not be happy about the way someone has treated you.
  • You may not like where you live.
  • You may feel like you do not have a say in what is happening in your life.

Some of the ways an advocate can help you:


  • Help you to speak up if you are not happy about something.
  • Make sure you have choices about your life.
  • Help you to have a say in how you want to live your life.
  • Help you explain what you want to your family and other people in your life.
  • Try to make changes happen so you are happier.

Important things to remember

You can speak to an advocate in private.

An advocate is there to support you.

Advocacy Leaflet

Please click below for further information. This will open a new page which can be printed out if necessary. You will need to have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to read these further pages (you can download Acrobat Reader here if necessary):

Read the Advocacy Leaflet now


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